Whatever Happened to Sitting Around Playing Scrabble Games at the Family Table?

Jan 21, 2023 Uncategorized

Playing scrabble has always been one of my favorite past times.  But more and more, classic games seem to be product of the past with all the fast paced and action-driven games of today.

I can remember a time when things weren’t so fast-paced and families would actually sit around the table after turning the TV off and play games for a little while.  I miss some of those times even if they may sound “corny” and “old fashioned”.

Parents and kids would be yelling and screaming from time to time while in heated battles of wit and vocabulary knowledge that would rival any of today’s favorite past-times. These were bonding times that somehow have become very hard to come by with all the technologies of today’s modern games.

These were times you could actually have a blast shouting and arguing over whether or not “little johnny” actually came up with a great word or if it was really just a made up word that he was trying to cleverly sneak by the family. Listening to the argument that someone would come up with to try to convince all the others that their word was actually a “real word” would often become very comical and worth the price of any of today’s entertainment venues.

Playing scrabble is a fun game that people and parents should re-introduce to their kids and pass down through generations. If anything, parents should use scrabble as a way to somehow bring a little fun into teaching some proper uses of words, definitions, and communication skills.

Fortunately, technology and online gaming companies แทงบอลออนไลน์ เว็บไหนดี have kept scrabble going by introducing and making available classic games online.   There are many sites that feel that classic board games can be saved and even enjoyed by the younger generations of today. I have been pleasantly taken down memory lane by playing many games similar to scrabble as well as others that can even be more exciting than the original versions.

However they are still missing some of the bonding and good ol’ family competitions that seem to be missing or hard to come by in today’s fast paced world.

So I guess I have to take the good with the bad. The good is that many of the classic games have been saved and even made more exciting by some of today’s technologies.

The bad is that I still miss the family time of everyone gathering around the table and hooting and hollering during a heated classic game of scrabble or something similar.

Although it may not be the same as playing at your family table,